Network Marketing Tips: Prospects Are Everywhere! Target These 5 Groups to Succeed

Many of us in the network marketing industry frown upon contacting people in our warm market. I have no idea why that is? I believe wholeheartedly, that referring your business opportunity to the people you know is the best and most duplicative way to build your network marketing organization.There are network marketers who strongly believe that approaching your warm market is a blue print for disaster and will only result in tarnishing relationships with the people you know and love. This predicament should never happen and you should not allow that remote possibility to deter you from speaking to the people with whom you already have a relationship.Many network marketers also believe that they do not know or have a relationship with enough people with whom they could share their opportunity. It is with this thought in mind that I wanted to put together a list of people whom we could all approach.1. Friends and FamilyThese are the people who love and care about you, so why on earth would you not approach them about your network marketing opportunity?If you are excited about your business opportunity, then it is incumbent upon you to share it with the people to whom you are the closest. Would they not be angry if you neglected them altogether and you then became a very successful network marketer?Yes I know it may be uncomfortable to deal with them on a business level, but if you are truly excited about your business model, then they will see that and they would be more than happy to at least hear about it. If not, then I am certain that most would support you in your business venture by at least becoming a customer of yours.Furthermore, who better to approach to obtain referrals? Getting referrals is paramount in building your network marketing business. It may be more difficult to ask for referrals from strangers or people you don’t know very well. You may already know of certain people your friends and family know because of previous conversations you have had. You might remember that “friend of a friend” who was looking for work or lost their job.Start with your friends and family first before approaching anyone else.2. Co-WorkersYou may spend more time with the people you work with, than with your own family! You may even know them and like them better than some of your family members. Showing your network marketing opportunity to your fellow employees is a must!You also share one common interest that is vitally important with respect to any business venture, and that is making money. You and your co-workers are being paid by the same company, the same boss. I can almost guarantee that you have spoken to them about money matters in the past. And one area of discussion most certainly is how much money they make and the satisfaction or lack thereof on the amount of money they make.The most common topic of conversation around the water cooler, other than the previous nights episode of Survivor, complaints about the workplace. You will have dozens of opportunities throughout the day to interject about your opportunity. You simply need to determine who is dissatisfied with their current work environment and the most appropriate time to bring up your network marketing opportunity.3. NeighboursThey are all around you! Hundreds of people you see almost everyday, cutting the lawn, shovelling the driveway, heading off to work. People from all walks of life and background. What a glorious opportunity to promote your network marketing business.You all live in the same neighbourhood. You must share something things in common for each of you to have been attracted to the same area. Maybe you have similarly aged children, have the same work background, love the same activities. If you are not sure then find out. Take a walk through your neighbourhood and simply say hi to everyone and introduce yourself. I am certain they would be thrilled to meet you.Once you have established a rapport with them, then you could find the appropriate time to discuss your network marketing business with them.It’s not even necessary to get to know your neighbours. One day, go for a walk and introduce yourself as the neighbourhood representative of your network marketing company. Offer them an opportunity DVD or magazine, sample products or invite them to an opportunity meeting. There are dozens and dozens of homes in your area so take advantage of that.4. Local Businesses You FrequentHow many businesses in your neighbourhood do you visit on a weekly basis?I am not referring to the huge box stores or the local Wal-Mart. I am talking about your local mom and pop shop or small business. For example: variety store, dry cleaners, mechanic, pizza place and so on.The proprietors of the establishments get to know and appreciate you because you are supporting them in their business venture. Do you not think that they might do the same for you?The owners of the businesses are entrepreneurs already, so they should be the type who are open to looking at a business opportunity, even in network marketing. Take the time to find out if their business is successful or if they are working to hard. Compliment them by saying you admire their work ethic and they way they operate their establishment. Then tell them that they are the type of person you would like to work with and either invite them to a meeting or provide them with a DVD.You also have the opportunity to ask them to support you in your own business venture, as you have supported them, by becoming a customer of yours. Be completely open and honest by saying that you could use their help in building your network marketing business. I believe that they would not want to take the chance to lose you as a customer.5. Your Professional ContactsThis is your chicken list! These people are your doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, real estate agents etc. These are the people you are afraid to talk to for fear that they are much too successful to be interested in your network marketing opportunity. Their success is they very reason you should want to work them.They are already successful entrepreneurs and business owners. They have the proper mindset and attitude on what it takes to operate a business and be a leader. You must get past your fear in speaking to them as they might very well be the all stars you are looking for.Furthermore, because of their business background, their network of friends, associates, and contacts is enormous. So even if that person is not interested in your network marketing business, they may be able to refer you to other successful individuals.These prospects are everywhere! Do not lose sight that network marketing is a relationship industry. You have already established relationships with many of the people in these groups. Take advantage of that.If you have likes this post, then please share it with others and subscribe to my blog.Wishing you great success.Vince A. Giorno